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OldSoul is a Rock and Roll project founded by Tristan Lamunion (vocals/guitar), Toni Josafat (vocals), Ryan Frankett (vocals/bass), and Steve Lebonville (drums). This high energy 4 piece group took off just a week after starting and has been playing shows every single week since early 2021. Steve has since left the group but the rest of the members continue featuring Joshua Jarman (Jar Man Music/Cosmic Warpdrive) and Joe Wood (Sill Crow/Bloody Sabbath/Borgo Pass) on the drums. From playing their originals to rocking your favorite covers, you will never be disappointed with this band.


The TNT Duo. Tristan Lamunion and his soulful raspy goodness combined with his partner, Toni Josafat and her Stevie Knicks like vocals are here solely to impress and please your music needs. You can catch them playing with their acoustic duo, trio, four piece and even five piece band up to 5 times a week. Unlike OldSoul which is all Rock and Roll all night long, The TNT Duo plays all your rock, country, funk, and pop favorites. You have to get out and experience the magic of these two old souls! 

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Charleston, SC, USA


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